List Your Space With Breather

Generate additional revenue & fill empty meeting room seats with Breather

We have over 2,000 conference rooms listed on Breather at exceptional workspaces all over the US. We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with you!


With Breather, you list your space for free. All of your pricing and availability are set by you! Our commission structure is 80 / 20. For any conference room reservations you receive via Breather, you will receive 80% of the rate you set.


Here’s how Breather works for spaces:

  • You will create your listings online for each desired conference room / workspace. Our Team reviews these listings and activates them. 

  • Breather Users browse our network to discover workspaces close to them and learn about your unique offerings.

  • A Breather user reserves your space, and your team receives an automatic email alerting your team to the new reservation request. You can approve or deny based on your availability.

  • The user visits the Breather website on the day of the reservation to receive important info such as access information, WiFi, electronic door codes, etc.

  • While the Breather User is on-site, your team is encouraged to let them know about your own memberships and services, as many of our users eventually convert from Breather to a membership at a space directly.

  • Earnings are automatically direct-deposited into your bank account using Stripe as our payment processor for the highest level of security and dependability.



To learn more about how Breather can work with your space:


Check out our Space Partners page for more information and to get started on your listing today!